Japacha Peak

Peak Name: Japacha Peak
Distance: 8 miles
Date: July 16, 2017
Summit: 5,883 feet

After summiting Cuyamaca Peak, we headed down the Burnt Pine trail toward Japacha Peak.

This took us through some more of the remaining pine forest, as we descended to the next summit. Once we approach the turnoff to the proper summit, it was clear that James’ decision to wear shorts would ensure that his poor legs would be torn up by the scrub. I worked my way partially toward the summit but turned back once I did not see a clear route. With more experience under my belt, I may return to this summit and do it properly.

Once we declared the attempt complete, we headed back along the trail to the service road and back down to the campground. The day was heating up and the lack of shade did make for a hot one.

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