Red Butte

Peak Name: Red Butte
Distance: 3.0 miles
Date: April 25, 2019
Summit: 320 feet

This peak was added as a replacement for Peak 4156. Since I had to drop my daughter off at school for a very late start, I thought I would head over to Torrey Pines and get a quick hike in.

I found parking along the coast and headed south. The “trail” follows the road to the top of the bluffs. Tourists, joggers, and bikers were making their way up and down (not the bikers, new rules for them – one-way only now).

Leaving the west parking lot, you follow a well-maintained trail for a bit. Most will continue on down toward the beach or an overlook, but to reach Red Butte, you make a right turn. The trail passes through a nice short shaded section (this might be a precursor to a portion of Agua Tibia).

The butte is a small area, usually with a few folks atop it admiring the view. I snapped a few photos and head back down (that work thing…). I opted to take the other trail about, making it a small lollipop hike.

I wanted to go to the top of the Torrey Highland and photograph the benchmark, but that trail was closed for maintenance. Coming down the road, you are rewarded with some lovely views of the Los Penasquitos Marsh.

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