Bonny Benchmark

Peak Name: Bonny Benchmark
Distance: 4.96 miles (including White Benchmark)
Date: October 13, 2019
Summit: 4,545 feet

Following the ridgeline down from White, I began working my way to Bonny, but first up was Clyde. While not on any list, I felt I had to do the pair. Actually, it is basically on the route down from White, so it is not a problem. I scrambled a good way up the summit but did not climb the final portion since I was out here solo.

From there I made my way toward Bonny. Once I reached the peak, I worked my way along the south side until I reached the ledge on the west face. I carefully worked way along with it until I reached the summit again. There are two marks here, along with a register.

After a quick break, I carefully headed back down from the summit. Unlike my last two times to the peak, I opted not to go visit Hut Benchmark. Instead, I angled across along the desert floor following more faint use trails until I returned to the car. With that, peaks #75 and #76 were done!

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