Oak Benchmark

Peak Name: Oak Benchmark
Distance: 0.88 miles
Date: November 10, 2019
Summit: 3,942 feet

After returning from Cemetery Hill, I took a break at the trailhead and chatted with a couple of hunters who were packing up to try their luck elsewhere. Oak Benchmark was going to be my final peak of the day. While it should only be about a mile round trip, it is steep and without any trail to follow. I remember some of my previous route from last time but knew it was going to be one of the route-finding skills treks. Just south of where I parked, is a nice meadow that serves as the best starting point for the peak.

From there it is up, any way you can. There was some poison oak to avoid, as I eventually found my way to the summit.

This time a register was waiting to be signed, but also two marks to photograph. While the hike gains about 500 feet in .5 miles, there were some fantastic views to be had as a reward.

It was getting warmer, so I made my careful descent. Back at my car, I was now done with all my non-desert peaks for my 100 Peak Challenge, just 17 to go!

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