Mine Peak

Peak Name: Mine Peak
Distance: 1.66 miles
Date: November 11, 2017
Summit: 1,845 feet

The first peak of the day was Mine Peak. After the forgotten shoe incident of the day before, I was triple checking all my gear before heading out to Anza-Borrego. With the family out of town, I knew I could take my time with my summits. After following I-8 to S-2, I made the right turn onto Dolomite Mine Road. This dirt road worked its way toward the remains of the Dolomite Mine perched on the side of the hill. My Subaru had no trouble getting close to the ruin, but other cars might need to find a turn out a bit further away.

This peak was going to be my first test of a trail-less desert hike. I knew from the trip reports that is was fairly straightforward, and the difficulty level not terribly high. I followed the road up around the mine for a bit, then began my open desert adventure.

Following faint use trails and the ridgeline, I quickly found myself at the summit. Checking my GPS, I honed in on the register and benchmark.

The skies were clear and the desert spread out in all directions.

I took a short rest and began to retrace my route back to the car, still hoping to summit two more peaks that Saturday. This peak was a perfect intro to desert hiking for me.

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