Eagle Peak

Peak Name: Eagle Peak
Distance: 4.8 miles
Date: August 24, 2019
Summit: 3,217 feet

Kept waffling on what peak I wanted to do. Settled on attempting a three-fer, but the temperatures I might be pushing it. I pulled into the parking lot for Three Sisters/Eagle Peak a bit before sunrise. To my surprise, the road down to the trailhead for Sunshine Mountain was closed. That was going to put a wrench in my plans. But one peak at a time…

I headed off down the trail, the air was already warm, the cooling effects of a marine layer were not there. I held a nice pace as I worked my way out to the peak. The trail was certainly more overgrown than last time. Toward the summit, it took a bit of poking around to find the trail.

I was amazed at the graffiti along the trail, and the trash. Since this is an out and back hike, I tried to remember where the empty water bottles were to pick them up on the return. Sadly I left the five Bud Light bottles behind.

The summit was quiet. I found the benchmark and reference mark with no trouble. I did not find the register.

I headed back down the trail. The overgrowth again was an issue near the top. Since the road to the trailhead for Sunshine Mountain was closed, I was looking to see if there was a connecting trail. Caltopo showed one, but as I got near where it was supposed to be, I could find no evidence.

The parking lot had filled up, and I had to wonder if these hikers knew of the difficult and forecasted temperatures as they set off down to Three Sisters. None of them were headed to Eagle Peak…

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