5 Peaks of Mission Trails

I used to live in Tierrasanta, and Mission Trails was my go-to place to hike. When the twins were little, I would do a loop with them in the jogging stroller. There are five summit-able peaks in Mission Trails: Cowles, Pyles, North Fortuna, South Fortuna, and Kwaay Paay. I summited these peaks again as part of the park’s 5 Peak Challenge. The first set of summits was the Fortunas. These will give you a nice workout, especially up the stairs to South Fortuna.

Fortuna Loop from Tierrasanta side

I bagged Kwaay Paay after work. This peak is a great little summit, as it gets a lot less traffic than the other four.

Cowles Mountain is one of the most popular hikes in town. So, I opted to approach it from the backside to avoid some of the crowds. Once at the summit, Pyles is a short hike from it, and the crowds drop away as you head toward it.

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