Gaskill Peak

Peak Name: Gaskill Peak
Distance: 7.14 miles
Date: August 26, 2018
Summit: 3,764 feet

Now that I am finding my trail legs again, it was time to go back and summit Gaskill. When Ted and I tackled Lawson Peak, we did not continue onto Gaskill, as I had a sick girl to attend to.

We followed the same route as before, we looked at the trail leading up to Lawson and joked if either of us wanted to scramble up the chimney again…

The route follows the road for about a mile until the trail to Gaskill appeared. Along the way, a motorcycle passed us. We were not entirely sure why he needs a machete on his back.

The trail worked its way to up the steep slope to the peak. There we explored the first set of rocks. Ted went over to see if we could scramble atop the other set. Not finding a safe route, we opted not to attempt it.

We retraced our route, as the heat began to rise. Once back in the car, some well earned Mexican food and a fresh Alpine Brewery beer were in order.

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