Bayside Trail

Peak Name: Point Loma
Distance: 2.5 miles
Date: June 12, 2019
Summit: 423 feet

For most visitors to the Cabrillo National Monument, they will head to the visitor’s center, then the statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, then eventually make the small climb to view the Old Lighthouse. But as you work your way up the paved road toward the lighthouse, there is a sign pointing indicating the start of the Bayside Trail.

For this ‘peak’, is actually a reverse peak. Derek wanted something along our coast, and this hike, although inverted fit the bill.

Once you reach the turn-off, the trail turns to rocky dirt. A nice bench sits at the top, so that might be a welcome sight upon your return.

The trail works it is way down along the cliffside for 1.6 miles until it ends with a nice view of San Diego Bay. When you are done with the view, you get to hike back up the trail.

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