Wooded Hill

Peak Name: Wooded Hill
Distance: 1.49 miles
Date: September 14, 2019
Summit: 6,216 feet

Since it was still early after finishing Oakzantia, I decided to drive up to the Lagunas and quickly so Wooded Hill. I had planned to do this when I did Manza Benchmark and Sheephead Mountain but I thought why not just get it out of the way. I drove down the short spur road the trailhead. Another car was parked under the shade of the trees. While it was still warming up, I knew this trail was short and shaded.

I hustled along the trail toward the summit. The trees certainly made for a pleasant canopy to walk under. The summit is nondescript with no register nor benchmark.

I decided to make the loop again. Two mountain bikers were making their way up, which I politely informed them at this was a hiking-only trail. A bit later I passed a family enjoying the trail as well. Back at the car, it was nice to mark this peak off the list. That was peak 62 of my 100 Peak Challenge.

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