Grapevine Mountain

Peak Name: Grapevine Mountain
Distance: 6.7 miles
Date: December 1, 2019
Summit: 3,920 feet

Since I wanted to be back in San Diego before my daughter headed back to Redlands, it meant a very early start. With the snow-capped mountains, I thought Grapevine Mountain would be a perfect choice. The car’s thermostat read 30 as I bundled up and began winding my way along the Pacific Crest Trail from the Scissors Crossing.

Just about two miles later, it was time to leave the well-cared-for trail and begin the cross-country climb. I spotted some footprints along a very faint use trail. The direction matched my previous route, so I decided to follow them. I weaved my way around the cacti as I pushed toward the top of the ridge. From there, Grapevine would finally come into view. 

I crossed over the connecting ridgeline to the summit. Found the register and the two reference marks and the main benchmark.

Since I needed to get back home, I did not stay too long on the summit. Retracing my route I found myself back on the PCT cruising back to the car. All told I covered about 6.4 miles in 3:10! So much faster than my first time up. That was peak #95 of my #100PeakChallenge.

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