Lake Calavera

The second hike of the morning was to climb Calavera mountain up in Carlsbad. What is interesting about this peak is that it is actually an extinct volcano. I parked on the street and headed down toward the small reservoir/lake. Once across the dam, I began working my way up to the summit. The trail passes in front of the remains of the volcanic plug. I paused for a bit to marvel at what stood in front of me, but I did need to make this hike quick and get back to work.

The trail was a touch steep at points, so I was glad I had my trekking poles. Once at the summit I had a nice view of the area. I could see some of the rock labyrinths back down near the base of the hill. I snapped my photos and headed back down as I had a work call soon.I certainly want to come back and explore this area a bit more.

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