Long Valley Peak

Peak Name: Long Valley Peak
Distance: 4.16 miles
Date: November 24, 2017
Summit: 4,885 feet

Just south of the 8, near Pine Valley, stands Long Valley Peak. The trailhead is shared with the Bear Valley Off-Road Trail, so expect to see folks prepping their motorcycles. Fortunately, the trail to the summit does not follow the same route, but you will hear them in the distance. The trail initially follows a road that serves the nearby power lines. After a few rolling hills, you approach the turnoff to the actual summit.

The route takes you through some single track trails that seem to criss-cross the lower portion of the summit. As you work your way up the slope of the peak, the route begins to fade away and you are left to your own route finding. Quickly you will find yourself scrambling over the rocks to reach the summit.

As I rested upon the summit, I could hear the distance, the din of the traffic of the highway. I signed the register that was tucked away in a rocky nook. I could also spy many of my previously summited peaks around me.

Since I had plans, I headed back down. I considered taking an alternate route back but opted to simply retrace my route back to the car.

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