Los Pinos Lookout

NOTE: Due to the Valley Fire of 2020, this peak is closed. The closure order is set to expire in October 2021.

Peak Name: Los Pinos Lookout
Distance: 0.5 miles
Date: November 24, 2017
Summit: 3,189 feet

When we were hiking out to Corte Madera, we considered also summiting the nearby Los Pinos Lookout Tower. But the route from the Espinosa trail followed a dirt road that had off-roaders using. Although there was a more direct route, it was a steep ascent, and we opted not to tackle it.

I debated how I wanted to return to summit this peak, as I am not a big fan of hiking on active roads. Instead, after summiting Long Valley Peak, I drove down to the Corral Canyon OHV area, passing the parking spot for the Espinosa trail. Continuing along the road, I kept driving until I approached the Four Corners trailhead. From there I made a right and continued up Los Pinos.

Near the summit, I found a nice place to park and hiked the .25 miles to the lookout tower and the summit. The tower is closed, so I wandered around the summit enjoying views.

Corte Madera’s sheer face is clearly visible in the distance.

I returned to my car and drove back down, passing several other off-roaders along the way.

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