Chariot Mountain

Peak Name: Chariot Mountain
Distance: 5.83 miles
Date: November 25, 2017
Summit: 4,662 feet

Chariot Mountain is an interesting summit as it is an inverted peak, meaning that you start at a higher elevation than the summit. I got to the trailhead right off Sunrise Highway.

The trail headed through a nice wide meadow until it intersected the Pacific Crest Trail. However, you are only the PCT for a very short section. I initially missed the trail down to the summit, but I found the slightly over-grown trail.

The trail to the summit quickly dropped down a steep ridge to the Anza-Borrego desert. I picked my way down the path, thinking I much this ascent is going to hurt.

The peak was visible across a small valley. The quiet gave me time to reflect on some things weighing on me.

Soon I was at the foot of the mountain. There was a faint use trail that I followed to the summit. There is no benchmark, but there is a register. The views were quite spectacular from the summit.

As I made back toward the base of the ridge for the ascent up the ridge, I did consider following the Mason Truck Trail instead of the PCT. This would have been a longer route, certainly less steep, but I opted to take the ridge.

I debated my discussion as my legs felt the climb and the road gently climbed to the south. Finally, I reached the PCT and strolled back across the meadow toward the car.

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