Palomar High Point Lookout

Peak Name: Palomar High Point Lookout
Distance: 2.93 miles
Date: May 5, 2019
Summit: 6,135 feet

We had planned to attempt to summit Square Top via the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation. Unfortunately, they are no longer allowing access to the trailhead. So, Gail needed to complete her summit of Palomar High Point, so since we had a capable car, along the Palomar Divide Trail we went. We parked at the same spot as before and worked our way to the lookout tower. This time the mountains to the north still gleamed with snow.

The area directly around the tower had been burned, most likely due to controlled fire.

We took a few photos, then headed back down to the car and off to the next hike. Did we debate between Combs Peak, which was to the north-west of us or out to Eagle Rock?

Once we reached the main road, we decided to go summit Combs Peak again, so off went!

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