Volcan Mountain

Peak Name: Volcan Mountain
Distance: 5 miles
Date: August 3, 2019
Summit: 5,719 feet

Decided since we have a bit of a heatwave, a shorter hike was in order, so I opted for Volcan Mountain out near Julian. Funny the last time I did this hike was also during a heatwave.

As I set out, a group of Cal Fire firefighters also set out for some training. I quickly made my way to the summit. However, the bugs were out even this early, so I grabbed my bug net and tossed it on.

Once I reached the summit, I enjoyed my breakfast on the picnic table with a nice view to the west. Afterward, I went hunting for the benchmark. I found the two reference marks, but not the true mark. It might have been the metal pole?

I was soon joined by a fellow hiker and his dog. We chatted while his dog took a short breather. Once his companion was ready, we set off back down the mountain. As we made our way, we meet several more folks heading up. 

It was a nice hike for my 50th peak in my #100PeakChallenge!

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