Monserate Mountain

Peak Name: Monserate Mountain
Distance: 4.3 miles
Date: July 28, 2019
Summit: 1,548 feet

So decided to knock out Monserate Mountain in Fallbrook this morning. Ted happily tagged to along, in part to check out his ankle on a short hike. The trailhead on Pankey Road, just east of Interstate 15, where there is a large dirt parking area and a wide dirt trail heading up the western flank of Monserate Mountain. After passing through a gate, the rough and eroded trail wastes no time climbing up the mountain. The low clouds made the hike sticky as we worked our up toward the summit.

This trail is used by the Fallbrook Fire Fighters Association for their 9/11 memorial hike. Markers denote your elevation to floors on the World Trade Center.

As we neared the summit we broke through the cloud layer. The new benchmark looked in good shape and a flag was flying as well. We took a few photos and headed back down.

The descent did bother my bruise some, so we took it a tad slower than normal. The trail was starting to become a bit busier, but nothing like Cowles on a Sunday.

This was peak #49 of my #100PeakChallenge.

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