Borrego Mountain-East Butte

Peak Name: Borrego Mountain-East Butte
Distance: 1.81 miles
Date: November 16, 2019
Summit: 1,196 feet

As the end of the year keeps getting closer, I have to be mindful of my remaining peaks. Today I planned to summit either 3 or 4 peaks out in Anza Borrego. The forecast was for highs in the mid-80s, so by the fourth peak, it might be too warm to want to do. It also meant back to being at the trailhead at dawn.

First up was Borrego Mountain East Butte. Unlike last time, where I went up the boulder-filled gully, this time I was going to try a different route from the west side. I drove up Goat Trail, a dirt road across from the Desert Ironwood Resort. Just as the road makes a sharp left is the trailhead and nice parking area.

The sun had just risen, but it had not cleared the Butte yet, so I grabbed my gear, I crossed over the land bridge to Butte.

Once across, I began carefully climbing up the rocky slope.

While not the craziness of the gully, this route still took a little care and effort. A few cairns mark the route, but if you have some desert route-finding skills you should be able to pick your way up.

Once I reached the top of Butte, I made my way to the high point and the register. I signed my name as an x2, then took in the views.

As I knew the forecast was going to be in the mid-80s, I did not linger. Back at the car, I was off to Borrego Mountain West Butte, about 10 minutes away. Peak #84 was now done.

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