Peak 1546

Peak Name: Peak 1546
Distance: 3.57 miles
Date: November 10, 2019
Summit: 1,546 feet

Today was going to be an attempt at summiting 3 peaks; P1546, Cemetery Hill and Oak Benchmark. All three are located off Eagle Peak road, just west of Julian. Given the forecast, I got an early start to the day. I arrived just after sunrise at the trailhead. P1546 sits just before Cedar Creek Falls.

I would be following the old road down to the junction to the falls. Technically a permit is needed to summit this peak. I decided to be a good citizen and pay my $6.

By starting early, much of the hike is in shade. After about 1.5 miles or so, I reached the base of the peak. I then followed a slightly overgrown trail to the summit.

There is no register nor benchmark, but some nice views are the reward.

I made my way back up to car having bagged my 81st peak.

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