Borrego Mountain-West Butte

Peak Name: Borrego Mountain-West Butte
Distance: 2.13 miles
Date: November 16, 2019
Summit: 1,196 feet

The second peak of the day was going to Borrego Mountain West Butte. Pulling into the parking area for the Borrego Mountain West Butte, there was one car parked. It appeared I was still ahead of the crowds that come to hike the Slot. To get to the summit of this Butte, I just needed to follow the trail leading east.

As I quickly made my way up to the well-defined trail, I could see several groups camping down in Hawk Canyon. Approaching the top, the trail shifted from dirt to more rocky, but still relatively easy to navigate.

Once atop the Butte, I checked my location to find the actual summit. I remembered that there was neither a register nor a benchmark here. A nice rock formation served as my summit.

The day was indeed warming up, so if I wanted to get at least one more peak in, I needed hustle down to the car. As I approached the trailhead, the parking area had now filled up with more cars, and I could see folks milling about before they went off down the Slot. Peak #85 was crossed off, and I drove about 15 minutes to the Plum Canyon tour off and my third peak of the day, Sentenac Mountain.

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