Torrey Pines State Park Extension

Ever since March, I have been exploring some of my local peaks. One peak, Torrey Pines State Park High Point (that’s a mouthful), has been on my list for a while. This ‘peak’ sits within the extension to the state park, and had been closed for some time due to Covid-19. The extension has several trailheads to start from, but I opted for the trailhead closest to the high point near the school, & set off along the Red Ridge Trail. It passes by several multi-million dollar homes before entering the state park. The trail was nice and flat, and as I made my way to the end, a few Torrey pines lined the trail. According to Peakbagger, the actual high point was located in a section that was beyond the roped off area. Close enough for me. The view from the end of this little trail was lovely. I had a sweeping view of the lagoon and Torrey Pines SP.

With the knee feeling good, I set off toward the D.A.R. viewpoint. I followed the trail down into the gully, then turned up to go back up another trail to climb up to the viewpoint. The sun was setting over the Pacific Ocean. While I could have done something closer to my house, I wanted to enjoy the sunset over the water. 

I then began working my way back to the car, and decided to take an alternate route back. I wanted to take the Gully Trail, but I discovered it was closed. I debated returning the same way I had come, or loop back through the streets. Since I was close to the streets, I decided to take that route. As I returned to my car, the trailhead was filled with cars, some were probably folks I passed along the trails, but others were just sitting there enjoying a spectacular view. 

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