Seven Bridges

When I had my neck issue five years ago, one of the first outings after I recovered was a portion of the Seven Bridges hike. Now after my cervical fusion, it seemed fitting to do this hike again, and hopefully this time I could complete all seven bridges! We found parking near the Spanish Arts Village, and after a fellow dog owner lent us a couple of poop bags (as we forgot ours at home), we crossed our first bridge over Park Boulevard. We then continued north along Park, until we made the short turn onto University and over its small bridge. Then we headed northwest along Lincoln Avenue until we turned south on Vermont, and across our third bridge.

Back along University Avenue, we made a pit stop at Starbucks for a beverage, then continued west to First Avenue. Next up was the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge. Neither Anita nor Rocky enjoyed this one. Once we made it across, we continued onto the Quince Street Bridge. The construction down below in Maple Canyon was quite evident. Next up was the First Avenue Bridge, which also spans Maple Canyon. We continued along First Avenue until we reached Laurel Street and turned eastward back toward Balboa Park. Workers were finishing cleaning up from the Race for Autism that occurred earlier in the day. We crossed the famous Cabrillo Bridge that spans the 163 and into the park. With that, we soon found ourselves back at the car. Overall the neck felt pretty good…

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