Rice Canyon

I decided to explore another one of our urban trails – this time Chula Vista’s Rice Canyon. Ted and I pulled into the parking lot for the Rice Canyon Demonstration Garden. The trail headed almost due west, and brown wooden posts capped with yellow let us know this section of the trail is a part of the California Riding and Hiking Trail. We cruised along the wide, well-groomed trail until we reached North Rancho Del Rey Parkway. The trail picked up on the other side and continued west until it ended at East H Street.

Then, we followed the road to the Snake Canyon trailhead. Unlike Rice Canyon, this trail is a single-track, and judging by how it’s been modified by mountain bikers, we kept an ear open for any that might be riding down. The trail finally popped out of the canyon near a fire station, and from there it was a short road walk back to the car. 

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