Volcan Mountain

Peak Name: Volcan Mountain
Distance: 5 miles
Date: July 8, 2017
Summit: 5,719 feet

The San Diego River Park had scheduled a hike for later in the morning that I had signed up for, but I saw the forecast and decided to go earlier and beat the heat. The climb to the summit was nice, except for the shady parts. That is when the gnats would become bothersome under the incense cedar.

Toward the summit, the ruins of the cabin still stood, and I learned that this was a potential site for the observatory (Palomar won).

Only saw three other hikers along the entire trek. I did encounter a dog along the trail. Finally got close enough to grab its collar and call the owner. Turns out he wanders the trail and region all the time. When I returned to my car, the scheduled hike was getting organized. One of the volunteers was getting ready to cart up some water partway up the trail. I chatted a bit and gave them a current trail summary.

This summit is the ‘starting’ point for the 2017 Crest to Coast challenge. Although I only summited one peak, it was a twofer.

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