Peak 1546

Peak Name: Peak 1546
Distance: 3.57 miles
Date: December 16, 2017
Summit: 1,546 feet

As I drove out toward Julian in the predawn light, I was hoping to summit at least three of my planned four peaks today: Peak 1546, Oak Benchmark, and Peak 4159 and Ant Benchmark. I knew the last one was going to be a stretch as I had tickets to The Last Jedi. But the other three are all along the Eagle Peak Road, so I thought they could be bagged together.

First up was Peak 1549. I drove down the dirt road until it ended. I parked the car and under mostly cloudy skies continued down the now overgrown road. This was another inverted hike, so I knew the hard part was the second half…

As I strolled down, the sun would illuminate the hills and the dry Mildred Falls to my north.

After about a mile or so, I came to the portion of the hike that requires a permit. This is one of two trails that lead to Cedar Creek Falls. This is a popular destination when the falls are running, but alas there was no water flowing. I can certainly see how the unprepared get themselves into trouble. I opted to be a rebel and continue on, in part, since I was not actually going to the falls themselves. The trail rose again, and soon my destination was in view, a solitary bump just to the west of the trail.

I followed the steep use trail to the summit. There I was rewarded with some incredible views of the San Diego River drainage.

I did not stay long as I had more peaks to summit. I began the climb back up the road to my car, enjoying the cool air. I can imagine what it must feel like in the summer climbing back up…

Just as I reached my car, a light rain began to fall. On the Oak Benchmark!

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