False Sombrero

Peak Name: False Sombrero
Distance: 1.7 miles
Date: January 30, 2019
Summit: 3,417 feet

Headed out to Anza Borrego today to attempt both False Sombrero and Sombrero Peaks. As we drove through Ramona, we spotted a bald eagle sitting on a fence. Later in Anza Borrego, we encountered a herd of bighorn sheep crossing the road. First time for me.

The dirt road took a little care to get the trailhead. Derek Loranger and I headed up the boulder-filled wash toward False Sombrero. Along the way, an agave got Derek in the shin.

Once we cleared the boulders, the sandy scree started and my lungs were burning. Susie Kara was right, it was tough. Soon we found ourselves at the saddle and the short push to the summit. Again, the desert views never cease to amaze me.

We signed the register and began working our way down. The sandy section was fun and fast. Then the boulder scrambling began in reverse.

By the time we returned to the car, Sombrero Peak was seemly less likely. We opted to drive over to the trailhead anyway, just to see the road status. Once there, we walked up the trail a bit, then enjoy a nice beer (Thanks Second Chance Brewery) and the scenery. Once back in civilization, we split a pizza in Wynola. Along the way pointing out various peaks needing to be done or ones that are now crossed of my list. All in all, another peak summited. 12 to go!

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