Pinyon Mountain

Peak Name: Pinyon Mountain
Distance: 1.5 miles
Date: March 21, 2019
Summit: 4,475 feet

In 2019, a fellow 100 Peak Challenger, Gail Welch, needed to summit this peak. So, I decided to trade routes with her. I will take her out and up Pinyon (more of a car need than a trail route issue), and she would guide me up The Thimble. My Subaru Outback had no trouble on the dirt roads to the trailhead, just a touch of care here and there…

Unlike the first time, we stuck to the ridge for the ascent from the base. This was the right choice like Derek and I had suspected. The only challenge was the 20+ mile an hour winds. Thankfully, the wind was not kicking up any dust.

We made the summit without any issues, signed the register and headed back down. That was Gail’s 95th peak!

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