Mine Peak

Peak Name: Mine Peak
Distance: 1.66 miles
Date: November 30, 2019
Summit: 1,845 feet

After taking a short break after summiting Red Hill, I turned onto West Dolomite Road to head out to the trailhead for Mine Benchmark. Like Mt. Tule, I drove further than last time. While two 4x4s were at the trailhead, I did not want to drive the Subaru up the last bit of road. I chatted with them as they enjoyed their lunch before heading out.

Following the road some more, a use trail was spotted leading up. I did not recall one the last time I hiked this peak. I was probably not skilled enough to spot it. 

Once over the steep climb, I continued eastward for a bit, before turning northward for the summit. Upon reaching it, I signed the register and photographed the vistas. The benchmark is not a standard one, so it is easy to spot.

I knew I had a 45-minute drive to the next trailhead, so I headed back down the peak. The family had left, so I explored the mine some before continuing my adventures. Peak #93 was done!

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