Arrowmaker Ridge

Peak Name: Middle Peak
Distance: 1.9 miles
Date: October 1, 2017
Summit: 4,740 feet

Update: Have been informed that this peak is now off-limits. It lies within the Pilcha (West Mesa) Cultural Preserve, and since there is no trail it should not be accessed. The replacement peak is now Paradise Mountain.

From the West Mesa parking turnout, I crossed the highway and passed through a gate onto the West Mesa Fire Road. After about a half-mile along the fire road, I reached the junction with the Fern Flat Fire Road. I knew from researching the route to this summit, that I wanted to continue south through a meadow and approach it from the south side. The growth appeared to be thinner based on the satellite imagery I reviewed.

This strategy proved to be correct, as I found the high point. I took my summit-selfie and headed back down and on to the fire road to bag the third summit of the day, Airplane Ridge.

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