Eagle Peak

Peak Name: Eagle Peak
Distance: 4.8 miles
Date: October 8, 2017
Summit: 3,217 feet

Somehow I convinced Ted, Dave, and Jeremey to tag along for this hike out to some of the best views of all of San Diego. This peak shares the same trailhead as Three Sisters and was recently expanded. Since there was no water flowing at the falls, the crowds were light. We set off west along the old dirt road, We quickly reached the top of a small rise where a cluster of Engelmann oaks stood. I knew this would be our almost back to the car indicator.

The trail began descending again, and the turnoff to Three Sisters was to our left, but our destination was straight ahead. The trail turned from a simple road into a single-track trail. As the trail began its climb to the summit, it would tease us with false summits.  But before long we found ourselves at the rocky peak. As we stood top, taking in the promised views, we found the register and two benchmarks.

After a bit, we began our return to the car, as we passed the junction to Three Sisters, we began to see more folks headed down to the dry falls. All in all, the four of us enjoyed another one of Chris’ crazy adventures.

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