Ramona Benchmark

Peak Name: Ramona Benchmark
Distance: 3.39 miles
Date: October 29, 2017
Summit: 2,2125 feet

The trailhead to the Ramona Benchmark looks like a dirt path in a vacant lot between houses. After a couple of minutes of hiking, you will come to the entrance sign to Simon County Park.

From there, I followed the wide trail leads up to the grassy ridge that is Ramona Peak. Soon, you will begin your ascent to the ridgeline. Once at the top you can follow the trail to the north end of the ridgeline.

Once there you can sit and enjoy the views from the bench. There is no benchmark to be found nor register. Looking around you can be thankful that this section of Ramona was not developed. This would be a summit that I would not want to do in the summer.

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