Denk Tank Mountain

Peak Name: Denk Tank Mountain
Distance: 2.74 miles
Date: November 10, 2017
Summit: 1,045 feet

Denk Tank Mountain is located in the Rancho La Costa Preserve and is a trek up switchbacks that offers panoramic views of the Batiquitos Lagoon, the Pacific Ocean, and the city of San Diego. I decided to summit this peak one Friday after work since the family was not going to be home and I work in Carlsbad. Well, the best-laid plans…I packed everything except for my hiking shoes. I opted to race home and fight the traffic back to the trailhead.

The trailhead is near the beginning of Corte Romero street, where you’ll see a wooden trail marker with a pouch for informational brochures.

The trail up Denk Tank mountain is a narrow single track that winds through the coastal sage scrub. There is a network of trails that criss-cross the mountainside, so depending on your mood, energy or time to can make this hike fit your needs. I knew I was going to be fighting daylight and opted for the quickest route up.

Along the way, I did encounter a few mountain bikers enjoying the trails as well.

As you near the summit you will see a wood awning in the distance. Follow the trail straight toward the awnings to complete your hike to the summit of Denk Tank Mountain. At the top, you’ll find two benches and a picnic table where you can sit and relax in the shade. Additionally, there is a workstation for mountain bikers.

With light fading, I began my trek back down to the car. Soon, I was rewarded with a spectacular sunset.

I made my way down in no time, taking care in the dark with my footsteps, looking forward to tomorrow’s summits…

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