Ghost Mountain

Peak Name: Ghost Mountain
Distance: 2.24 miles
Date: January 13, 2018
Summit: 3,397 feet

After Grapevine Mountain, I drove south to Little Blair Valley, toward the south end of the valley stands Ghost Mountain. For most people, this trail leads to the Marshall South homestead.

The trail quickly begins to climb up the side of the mountain to the ridgeline. From there it follows it toward the homestead, providing a sweeping view to the north and south as the trail continues its gentle climb.

After about 2 miles, I reached the remains of the adobe cabin. Marshall lived here for nearly 17 years. I spent some time examining the ruins before continuing eastward toward the summit.

It is clear the 95% of visitors turn back at this point, as the trail faded away. I picked my way through the rocks and plants until I reached the actual summit.

Here I found the Lower Peaks Committee register which I gladly signed.

I was feeling the miles from earlier, so I headed back down the trail to the car and back home.

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