Indian Hill

Peak Name: Indian Hill
Distance: 4.22 miles
Date: January 15, 2018
Summit: 2,225 feet

After resting from summiting Piedras Grandes, Hahn and I headed north along the tracks toward Indian Hill.

We eventually headed west, unlike my first attempt, we went north around a small hill that resembled a pyramid. As we weaved our way past the chollas across the flat desert floor. We continued west for a bit as the peak rose up to the south of us until we found a nice route up.

Much like the ascent of Piedras Grandes, this was a steep rocky scramble up, but nothing too challenging.

Soon we reached the summit, I turn to Hahn and remarked that this was about 100x easier than what I had tried to navigate.

From the summit, I spotted the ravine the I incorrectly took.

Hahn said that if I had reached the top of that peak I would have summited Moan Benchmark. To which I said, if that was true you would have heard a middle-aged man moan…

We sat for a bit, enjoyed the views, signed the register and then headed back down. I continued to pick her brain about various summits. We found ourselves back at the car and headed back into town.

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