Otay Mountain

Peak Name: Otay Mountain
Distance: 1.5 miles (from Doghouse Junction)
Date: January 27, 2019
Summit: 3,566 feet

As the peak count dwindles, I still had Otay Mountain and Tecate Peak to the summit. They are not technically challenging, just follow the road to the summits. Now, mind you these are long roads.

So, I figured to shave off some miles by driving partway up. First up was Otay Mountain, I turned on to Otay Truck Trail from the trailer park and began my climb. The Subaru handled the road with no issues. Along the way, I passed only one hiker working their way up. I parked at Doghouse Junction, chatted with the Border Patrol agent who was also parked there. From there I headed up to the summit along the road. The views were spectacular. I picked a great day to go.

I did find one marker but knew that would be it.

On the way down had a chance to chat with another agent who was scanning the terrain…

I opted to take the truck trail down toward the gun club, as it was in the direction toward Tecate Peak. Working my way down the mountain, I chatted with three motorcycle riders taking a break. Further down, I passed two other cars beginning their ascent. If you choose to hike this summit I would recommend the route from Modern Hiker, it has a round trip distance of 15 miles.

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