Iron Mountain

Peak Name: Iron Mountain
Distance: 5.8 miles
Date: June 15, 2019
Summit: 2,696 feet

Iron Mountain is another peak that I have done multiple times throughout the years. This peak is a great one to do with the full moon, so I looked up the moon’s cycle and marked down the possible dates. I initially figured this might be a July or August hike, but the stars aligned and we were able to do it in June.

Ted Markus happily tagged along as we set off under the ornate trailhead sign. The trail then passes under a canopy of trees, the only shade you will find on the trail, which is very typical of many of the hikes in San Diego.

Neither of us was set on racing up the peak, so we just put in cruise mode. The trail goes eastward for a bit before turning southward and beginning to snake its way up to the summit.

We encountered a few hikers along the trail. Much of the hike was spent talking about our recent high school graduates…

There were two hikers at the summit. We took a short break, enjoyed the views. I pointed out Mt. Gower to Ted and the rough route we took.

Heading back down, the full began to rise over the mountains while the sun began to descend into the marine layer. We encountered an organized hike working their way up to the summit about a third of the way down.

As we reached the flat portion of the hike, we captured the glow of the sunset and turning around the moon just above the summit of Iron Mountain. A perfect ending to the hike.

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