Los Pinos Lookout

Peak Name: Los Pinos Lookout
Distance: 0.5 miles
Date: September 15, 2019
Summit: 3,189 feet

NOTE: This peak is closed due the recovery from the Bobcat fire. You can neither drive to it nor hike from the Espinoza Saddle. The closure order is set to expire December 2021.

While I had considered fully hiking up to Los Pinos from the Espinoza saddle when I restarted my 100 Peak Challenge, the temperatures were not favorable. So, instead, Ted and I drove up toward the summit and would hike the last bit to make it count.

After working our way up the semi-paved road, thankfully only encountering one motorcycle, we pull over at the turn off to the summit. We hiked up the road. The Los Pinos Lookout tower was manned, and we were invited up.

We got a full tour of the tower and how it works. He shared some of the wildlife he has captured on his camera. It was quite a collection of critters.

We bid farewell and took the shortcut back to the car. This quickly little jaunt was my 64th peak of the 100 Peak Challenge!

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