Boden Canyon

Decided to complete the 2020-2021 Coast to Crest Challenge today. The final hike I needed to do was  a flat-ish 6.6 mile hike that starts in the Pamo Valley, then follows the San Dieguito River through Boden Canyon. I pulled into the same parking lot that you would use if hiking Pamo Valley, just before 9am, but instead of heading north, I set off to the west. 

I knew this hike would be another good test of my knee, as it had some minor elevation gains, but also a nice amount of distance as well. The hike began with a gentle and short climb before leveling out for a while. I cruised along the wide trail as it weaved its way along the south side of the canyon. I was surprised at the beauty along much of this trail. Boden Canyon is certainly a hidden gem of a hike. My only regret was not doing it when the river might be flowing to add to the experience.

After about 3.3 miles, I reached the junction with the Orosco Truck Trail and the start of Clevenger Canyon. This was the designated “selfie spot”. The trail continued westward for a short distance before reaching Highway 78. In fact, there was a small trailhead there as well.  I took my photo and began retracing my route. I encountered several groups of hikers and mountain bikers as I made my way back to the trailhead. When I got back to the car, the lot was mostly full. I have really enjoyed this year’s Coast to Crest Challenge. 

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