Big Trees Trail

With the road closures due to the snow, we were a bit limited in where we could explore Sequoia National Park. Add to that, my foot issue further compounded what we could do. Thankfully, the trail that follows Round Meadow was both accessible and something that I should be able to do. After visiting the Giant Forest Museum and exploring its exhibits, my wife and I crossed back over Generals Highway and turned right onto the paved path toward Round Meadow. 

We passed the junction to the Sunset Rock trail to our left and continued alongside the road. Soon, the trail departed from the road, passing a small meadow. After crossing Little Deer Creek, the path reached the accessible parking area. Since this trail is mostly flat and is paved, making it perfect for hikers looking for a nice stroll. In addition, there are some pit toilets are also located here.

Since this trail loops around the meadow, you are free to follow it either clockwise or counterclockwise. We opted to follow the trail counterclockwise. Interpretive signs dot the side of the trail, which gave us insight into the ecology and history of the area. Thankfully, the paved trail was mostly free of snow, but the boardwalk sections did still have a layer of snow on them. 

Once we had completed the loop, we started to head back toward our car. Instead of completely retracing our route, we opted to take the spur trail toward the Sunset Rock Trail. In doing so, we passed the Clara Barton Tree, one of only a few trees in the grove named after a woman. We crossed back over Little Deer Creek and continue south to the highway. All told this hike covered 1.4 miles with an elevation gain of 143 feet.

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