Fay Canyon

Looking for a milder hike in the Sedona region since my daughter had her arm in the cast, and Fay Canyon seemed like a great option. It is very similar to the Boynton Canyon hike, but shorter. We found a parking spot along Boynton Pass Road. Crossing the road, we entered the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness and began our hike.

The trail passes into the canyon, and the cottonwood trees provide some shade, but it was a pleasant autumn day so it was not needed. After about 0.6 miles, we found the spur trail that would take us up to the arch and ruins. From the canyon floor it is very hard to see it. The trail was a bit steep, but armed with trekking poles we made the climb with no issues.

After exploring the area, we made our careful descent back to the main trail. We headed further into the canyon for a bit before retracing our route to the car.

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