Eagle Rock

Peak Name: Eagle Rock
Distance: 6.45 miles / 8.16 miles
Date: September 10, 2017
Summit: 3,520 feet

It took a bit to recover from my summit of San Jacinto, so I opted for an easier peak to ease back into it. My friend Dave was able to tag along as we headed out toward Warner Springs to the trailhead. The first mile or so of the hike, we were swarmed by bugs. Once we left the shadier portion of the trail, they faded away. I now carry bug netting in my pack for these cases.

The trail follows some gentle hills as it makes its way out to Eagle Rock. Although not a peak of any true merit. The rocks naturally look like an eagle with its wings spread about to take flight.

After a bit of a rest and snack, we head back down the trail (dreading the last bit and the bugs), and finally to the car. A well earned lunch as had a Burger Bench.

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