Rock Mountain

Peak Name: Rock Mountain
Distance: 1.2 miles
Date: September 23, 2017
Summit: 1,062 feet


Rock Mountain Preserve is currently CLOSED until further notice due to erosion and unsafe trail conditions.

This short hike is tucked away past Fallbrook. I summited it after bagging Monserate Mountain which is not too far away. The trailhead is well marked and has room for about 5-6 cars.

The trail itself is a bit beat up, with some serious rutting in some sections. One of the more interesting sights on this trail is the two abandoned (and spray painted) cars. It is not quite clear how they even got there.

As you near the summit, the trail becomes quite steep, and the final push to the top weaves you through some boulders. Once you are there you are rewarded with a nice view.

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