Pinyon Mountain

Peak Name: Pinyon Mountain
Distance: 1.5 miles
Date: December 28, 2017
Summit: 4,475 feet

After a hearty snack after our summit of Whale Peak, our attention to Pinyon Mountain. There is no trail to the summit, so we surveyed the mountain and consulted our topo map. Once we reached the ridgeline it would be a straightforward push to the top.

We carefully slogged up the steep and rocky slope. The footing took some care between the loose rocks and the cacti. Once the ridgeline was reached, the route across was as straightforward, like we expected. Although there was not a benchmark here, we did sign the register before heading back down.

Rather than completely retracing our steps, we opted to use the route a bit further to the east. This seemed to be a better choice. I would recommend this option for future attempts.

Once back at the car, we drove back into town feeling good having summited two more peaks.

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