Battle Mountain

Peak Name: Battle Mountain
Distance: 0.5 miles
Date: December 27, 2017
Summit: 772 feet

If you have driven the 15 near Lake Hodges, you probably have seen the white cross on a hill to the east. This is Battle Mountain, which got its name from a battle that was held at a mountain nearby called Mule Hill in 1846. Mule Hill/Starvation Mountain got its name after the battle when the soldiers ran out of food and had to kill some of the mules in order to eat.

The actual hike up, if you can call it that is a quick one but steep. Perfect for a workout… I had been saving it for the end of the year, but my plans changed so I decided to do it during a break from some chores…

The cross on top of the hill was built by Jack Templeton in his backyard. He lived below the trailhead and would frequent the hill regularly. Apart from the noise coming from the 15, the views are quite nice.

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