San Pasqual South-Peak 1755

Because of how I completed the 100 Peak Challenge, I actually summited most the of the peaks twice, once during my first incomplete attempt and again during my successful second attempt. Recently, I got to thinking about summiting those peaks I did not summit twice. Taking a look at them and I got to thinking, why not? While both the Six Pack of Peaks and the Sierra Club 100 will still come first, but when I can’t hike one of those peaks, you just might find revisiting one of my 100 Peak Challenge summits.

Several cars were already in the parking at a touch before 7. The plan was to hike up to Peak 1755, which is a bump just off the trail enroute to “The Chairs”. As I made my way up the trail, I note how the area had begun its recovery from the fire two years ago.

I reached the top of the canyon and found the use trail to the summit. There is no benchmark nor a register. I snapped a few photos and headed back down. From this summit I could see a small crowd milling around the chairs. I had no need to take my photo on them, so I opted to jsut end to the end of the trail instead.

I scrambled up the rocks to enjoy the view of the San Pasqual valley below me. Since I wanted to make it home in time for most of the Rosh Hashanah service, so I did not linger. I cruised back down the trail and headed home.

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